Covert Ops is the premier outdoor paintball facility in Colorado Springs. Conveniently located on Platte between Powers and Peterson. Our paintball fields are open Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am to 5:00pm and weekdays by reservation.

Our Paintball Fields

Covert Ops has five action-packed paintball fields spread over 15 acres. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, individual or group, come enjoy today’s hottest sport and challenge your body and mind in a game of action, strategy and intensity. Paintball is where it’s at!


Be prepared to maximize and hone your stealth and concealment skills in either of our two all natural woodsball fields. Your success in these rugged terrains will be amplified by the use of camouflage or dark clothing and the dynamic environments best tackled with boots.


Aggressive movement, team coordination and constant communication are required to get through the massive air bunkers in our speedball field. Your team will challenge their dexterity when they compete on our tournament sized 7-man field.

Spindle and Industrial Fields

They’re neither speedball nor woodsball…our Spindle and Industrial fields are the best of both. Covert Ops unique fields force teams to utilize both agility and strategy to navigate commercial spindles and concrete culverts to overcome the enemy and secure victory.

Urban Field

Colorado Spring’s only outdoor mock town is now open! Comprised of one and two-story buildings, fencing and barricades this gauntlet dictates the use of both strategy and tactical prowless to ensure victory.


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