Speedball Field

Aggressive movement, team coordination and constant communication are required to get through the massive air bunkers in our speedball field.  Your team will challenge their dexterity when they compete on our tournament sized 5-person field.

Woodsball Field

Spool and Industrial Field

Urban Field

Colorado Springs only mock town is now open!  Comprised of one and two story buildings, fencing and barricades.  This gauntlet dictates the use of both strategy and tactical prowless to ensure victory.

Come checkout these uniquely inspired fields.  Neither speedball or woodsball - they're the best of both!  These fields force teams to utilize both agility and strategy to navigate in and through to overcome the enemy and secure victory.

Be prepared to maximize and hone your stealth and concealment skills.  All natural woodsball fields.  Your success in these rugged terrains will be amplified by the use of camouflage and the dynamic environment best tackled with boots.