Safety is imperative and everyone's responsibility at Covert Ops Paintball.  We take every measure to sure the safety of our customers and ask the same of them.

Minimum Age and Parental Consent

    The minimum age to play paintball or airsoft is 10 years old.  The minimum age for low-impact is 8 years old and bazooka ball are 5 years old.  There are no exceptions.  Parental consent for each player under the age of 18 years old is required.  Please complete our online waiver and release form before coming out.

Participant Safety

    Participants will receive a safety briefing prior to play.  Refusal to abide by safety rules will result in removal from the facility.

Facility Safety

    We take pride in our facility and inspect each paintball/airsoft field daily.  If a safety issue arises a field may be closed until it can be safely inspected.

Safety Signage

    The site maintains safety signs throughout the park.  Participants will be required to adhere to all posted signs.

Personal Safety

    Paintball and airsoft are an outdoor game and we play rain or shine.  Sturdy shoes or boots are required and additional safety equipment is available for rent.

Markers/Airsoft guns & rifles

    Must be fitted with a barrel cover (not a plug) at all times except when on the field of play or when in the act of chronographing.  All markers must be of .68 or .50 caliber and be in safe operating condition.  Trigger guards are mandatory.  All modes of play are acceptable so long as safety rules are abided.

   All markers must be chronographed under 285 feet per second.  Airsoft guns and rifles must be chronographed under 400 feet per second.  Under no exception will a marker/gun/rifle be allowed to shoot above these safety limits.  Check your marker/gun/rifle throughout the day to ensure your compliance (especially if using CO2).  If you do not abide by this rule you will be asked to leave the field and adjust your marker/gun/rifle down.  If there is a second offense you will be asked to leave the facility with no refund.

Full Face Protection

    Must be worn at all times on the field and when in the chronograph area.  Full face protection must meet or exceed ASTM standards. Full face protection must be properly worn in a way to maximize eye protection.  There are no circumstances that would allow you to remove your full face protection on the field or at the chronograph station.  If your mask/goggles are fogging or vision is obstructed find a referee or staff member for assistance.